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Strain Review: Chaos Kush#3

Purchased in Massachusetts, this one would justify the 4 hour drive from Jersey!

This grassy little hybrid is indica-leaning, but don't sleep on this one if you're afraid it will knock you out. I use this one when I'm relaxing but still need to get things done. Chaos Kush #3 is a little mellow to start, but then it packs a big punch (maybe that's where everyone is falling asleep)! I have a pretty high tolerance, and this one did the trick, yay! Kush strains are well-known for relaxation. I also felt pain relief with my calm!

The taste, like I mentioned, is light and grassy. It was really pleasant to smoke both in a bong and in a joint. There is a light lemon flavor, so we know we'll see limonene in its breakdown. The flower I have is small, light in weight, and thin. It's very dark green and there isn't much in the way of terpenes on the outside, but I suspect my container has been shaken many times.


Lineage: Trueberry x Abba Zabba

Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene

THCA: 24.14%

Total cannabinoids: 25.62%

CBGA: 1.19%

CBG: 0.17%

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