The cannabis plant has grown all over the world for thousands of years - we can see records of its use on Assyrian clay tablets and Chinese cemeteries from over 2000 years ago. In the United States, cannabis firmly sat in our medical books for quite some time. Cannabis was added to the U.S. Pharmacopeia and for over a century, it was successfully used to treat a multitude of ailments, and restored many to health and wellness. That was, until the war on drugs was waged in the 1970s. We have lost a lot of time in our studies and use of the plant, but research is picking back up as state and federal restrictions loosen. We need to restore cannabis’ place in our medicine cabinets.


Currently, medical marijuana is the only medicine prescribed by a health care provider and not dispensed by one. Cannabis nursing is here to assist with that disparity. Let us help you navigate this confusing and ever-evolving medicine!

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Meet Gloria


Cannabis Nurse

Gloria has an extensive background in the healthcare field, starting in her teens as an Emergency Medical Technician. As a nurse, she pursued her career goal of having a varied professional experience to get the broad-spectrum education she so desired. Gloria has worked in specialties such as emergency medicine, telemetry, neurology, oncology, endoscopy, hospice, and ICU.


Gloria also spent years working with top Multiple Sclerosis doctors and was heavily involved with their medical marijuana program. While working with these patients, she saw over and over the wellness that cannabis was facilitating. Patients who had suffered from unrelenting nerve pain, sometimes for decades, would frequently get relief from their first use! Gloria lovingly remembers an octogenarian reporting how happy she was after cannabis had relieved most of her nerve pain - it had been going on for so long, she had forgotten she was entitled to feel good.

As someone who had never used cannabis, Gloria spent a lot of time researching cannabis and its medical uses. When endometriosis symptoms went unrelieved, and she was offered opioids as a long-term treatment, researched showed that cannabis could be a viable alternative. It was through this trial-and-error that helped Gloria become the Cannabis Nurse she is today.

Gloria is a firm believer that cannabis medicine is wellness medicine, and that it has a place in the lives of so many more people than it currently reaches. She is dedicated to the developing field and making education accessible to all who need it.