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Become an Educated Cannabis Consumer

Get the latest science-based information

Cannabis consumption, whether recreational or medicinal, can be confusing to navigate without the proper education. How do you figure out dosing, strain type, or which way to ingest

Here at The Weed RN, we aim to make reputable and current information available to everyone and anyone who is a consumer.

Make us your resource for cannabis info from the most trusted resource - the nurse!

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What can I learn from a
Cannabis Nurse?

Get Help

Learn How Cannabis Can Help You

Be Confident

Navigate Your Dispensary

Be Educated

Learn about consumption methods and dosing

Stay Informed

Keep up with the latest cannabis research

Empower Yourself

Be the healthiest version of you

Meet Gloria

Certified Cannabis Nurse

Gloria is a Registered Nurse with a passion for wellness medicine and helping patients maximize their health. Through her nursing career, she has focused on continuing education and staying current with the latest developments.

Cannabis medicine and its corresponding research has been at a halt for decades, until now. Medicinal and recreational marijuana are becoming more available day by day, and the research on its health benefits is flowing too. Let Gloria show you all that cannabis can do for your health and wellness!

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